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At first, I was fond of writing small works and phrases. It was for killing time, whenever I did not want to listen to the teaching, did not want to pay attention or I just have a floating time for me to spend. I wrote those pieces in between my academic notes and random papers I see lying near me.

Then the time came, phrases became many that started to form paragraphs. My life experiences played a large role as it became the subject of my works; they vary from life, academics, travel, aspirations and the likes. It became an out flow of emotions, little by little it became my comfort. It was funny for people around me that I was writing and called it a diary, I did not considered it to be one and saw it as a canvass where art together with literature is my media of choice.

The writings started from the back of my notebooks and eventually I had a notebook dedicated for my works. The notebook of orange came as an award for participating in a seminar. For me, it was too nice to write notes from academic classes in it unlike what other students did, therefore, I decided to use it for my works. It was of rubber like skin that has lines inside and can be closed by a rubber band.

I thought that I will not be able to fill my notebook with writings and sketches. Now it will be filled and I have to find another notebook for my coming works. I did not notice that I was into it. Also, Baybayin, an ancient Filipino system of writing, played a big role in filling the notebook as I began studying it. From the notebook, I will write translations of the script and convert it to a portable document format (.pdf) and post a copy online (if you want a copy, follow the link below). I translated some of my works in Baybayin and became happy for the outcome, I’m no expert but at least I know. I consider myself to be an advocate for the ancient system of writing, Baybayin.

Baybayin Material:

Initially, I wanted my works to be private where I will be the only one knowledgeable of my works. I was okay with the current concept until the thought of losing my notebook and everything in it became an issue for myself, the idea of looking for an online platform to place then was the next thing to do. I began writing things first then typing it here. It was tiring yet worth it. I continued writing without sharing it to others. Then as time passed by, I had an urge to share it and be proud of my writings, at least.

Writing your thoughts can be a medicine for the mind, writing is healing and growing at the same time. Writing is an advocacy for it can be a weapon piercing minds and souls. Writing together with literature is art. Make your pen, paper and keyboard to spread goodness, sana all.



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